Meet Ashe Dryden, developer and speaker about Programming Diversity

Now it is up to Ashe Dryden, a developer. Ashe is an outspoken educator for diversity in IT, inclusiveness, and empathy. She wrote a book on this topic : “The Diverse Team”.

Ashe Dryden

Ludwine : Who are you ?

Ashe : My name is Ashe Dryden. I’ve been a programmer for the past 13 years, but for the past 2 I’ve been focused on increasing diversity in tech.

Ludwine : Could you describe your typical day ?

Ashe : My days are so varied! I spend a good amount of my time traveling for conferences and other events, educating people about diversity and inclusivity work. I do consulting with conferences and startups on what they can do to be more accessible to all kinds of people. In between all of that, I do a lot of writing, both for my book as well as online where I do culture critique and resource creation. I also do a lot of work over email – helping people who are in tough situations with nowhere to go, connecting people who are looking for a better working environment, or pointing people toward resources that will help them discuss things with their companies.

Ludwine : You will talk about Programming Diversity. Could you tell us more ?

Ashe : The talk covers why we have a lack of diversity in tech, why diversity is important to everyone, and what we can do about it. It includes a lot of research I’ve done over the past couple years.

More information here.

Ludwine : You are very invested in the IT community. What gives you this energy? What/who inspires you ?

Ashe : I am very invested, yes, because this is the only field I’ve ever known. I love programming and want everyone to have the access and opportunity without being pushed out prematurely. Truthfully, new programmers inspire me the most. I speak to a lot of people just discovering their passion for programming and seeing them get excited about making things for themselves makes me remember why I love it and why it’s important to improve the outlook for all programmers.

Thank you Ashe !

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