After a Master’s degree in Mathematics (Probability and Statistics), I unexpectedly joined the IT world as a software engineer. Today I like working on data processing and analyzing and speak about these topics at conferences. You can find my presentations decks at speakerdeck.com/nivdul and my contributions to open-source projects on my github account.

I enjoy attending IT events each month to stay in touch with the latest and shiny new things in the industry, but also to share and exchange with other developers. It is always inspiring and motivating for me, and it is a cool way to get new ideas for my projects.

As you surely have noticed, women are not much represented in the IT world. Some people pretend that it is just a lack of interest from them. There might be some truth to that, but I would argue that maybe women are not interested in IT because being a developer does not seem like a possible career path for them.

That is why I am deeply involved in the community with initiatives such as Ladies Who Code, in order to promote women developers and women in IT, to inspire and encourage them to speak at conferences or technical events.

In the past three years I have been deeply involved with the Duchess France association as a leader and the spokesperson. It was a very beautiful and rewarding experience and I have learned of lot. Thanks to the association I started speaking in public and at conferences on technical topics. I have also organized technical events like Women Techmakers Paris, and met great and inspiring people.

But now I am focusing on a new challenging project.

More about this project very soon 😀

Honors  &  Awards


The Trophée Excellencia aims to reward women in IT. Last September 30Th, I received the award High-Tech woman involved in a humanitarian or social association from the Trophée Excellencia to reward my involvement in the Duchess France association. I am very proud and happy for this distinction because it brings more visibility to the association and helps us spreads our message to a larger audience.


Registered on the website expertes.eu which aims to give more visibility to women experts in the media.

More about me and my personal thought about IT




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