Getting started with Spark in practice

Getting started with Spark in practice

Some months ago, we, Sam Bessalah and I organized a workshop via Duchess France to introduce Apache Spark and its ecosystem.

This post aims to quickly recap basics about the Apache Spark framework and it describes exercises provided in this workshop (see the Exercises part) to get started with Spark (1.5.2), Spark streaming and dataFrame in practice.

If you want to start with Spark and come of its components, exercises of the workshop are available both in Java and Scala on this github account. You just have to clone the project and go! If you need help, take a look at the solution branch.

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Analyze accelerometer data with Apache Spark and MLlib

Analyze accelerometer data with Apache Spark and MLlib

The past months I grew some interest in Apache Spark, Machine Learning and Time Series, and I thought of playing around with it.

In this post I will explain how to predict user’s physical activity (like walking, jogging, sitting…) using Spark, the Spark-Cassandra connector and MLlib.

The entire code and data sets are available on my github account.

This post is inspired from the WISDM Lab’s study and data (not cleaned) come from here. To determine the features to use I have read this study.

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Meet Shanee Nishry, Games Developer & Advocate at Google

At the Devoxx Anvers conference, I met Shanee Nishry who talked about Sense override (Cardboard).

Shanee headshot 1

Ludwine : Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Shanee : I am a game developer, technology enthusiastic and futurist. My current focus is on games, graphics and virtual reality, but artificial intelligence and bio­technology also holds a special spot in my heart.

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Meet Kathryn Rotondo, mobile developer

Now let me introduce Kathryn Rotondo, a mobile developer living in Tübingen (Germany).


Ludwine : Who are you ?

Kathryn : I’m a mobile developer, focused on making playful and effective apps for children. I was formerly an Actionscript developer, but in the past few years have ported my interest and skills around interactivity over to iOS.

Rencontre avec Pauline Iogna, développeuse Java

C’est au tour de Pauline Iogna de se prêter au jeu de l’interview.


Pauline, développeuse Java et enseignante à l’université, s’est lancée cette année en tant que speakeuse à des événements techniques et conférences (Human Talk Paris, Devoxx France, JUG Summer Camp ou encore Devoxx Anvers…). Elle partage avec nous son expérience, et revient sur ce qui l’a motivé à se lancer, ses appréhensions et quelques conseils pour ceux qui n’ont pas encore osé franchir le pas.

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Meet Ashe Dryden, developer and speaker about Programming Diversity

Now it is up to Ashe Dryden, a developer. Ashe is an outspoken educator for diversity in IT, inclusiveness, and empathy. She wrote a book on this topic : “The Diverse Team”.

Ashe Dryden

Ludwine : Who are you ?

Ashe : My name is Ashe Dryden. I’ve been a programmer for the past 13 years, but for the past 2 I’ve been focused on increasing diversity in tech.

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Rencontre avec Ly-Jia Goldstein, développeuse chez Arolla et Craftsmanship addict

Parce que je suis convaincue que l’inspiration est importante et motive, voici un portrait de Ly-Jia Goldstein, développeuse chez Arolla, et passionnée par le Software Craftsmanship.

Ly-jia Goldstein


Ludwine : Peux-tu te présenter ? Sur quoi travailles-tu ?

Ly-Jia : Je m’appelle Ly-Jia Goldstein, je suis diplômée de l’ESGI en 2008, et j’interviens aujourd’hui sur des missions de développement dans l’environnement .NET/C#, mais aussi sur du coaching en bonnes pratiques de développement (testing, TDD, BDD…).

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